Reflecting on 2015


Reflecting on 2015

Reflecting on 2015


A large portion of 2015 has passed. In a few days time we will be welcoming in 2016. Looking back a lot has happened this year.

I started off the year recording the 5 things I would do differently in 2015  After making my yearly resolutions  I have been revisiting them frequently to chart my progress.  Unfortunately  the challenges that I have set myself for are still work in progress and I will continue them into 2016.

Here were the resolutions which I set in 2015. I’ve crossed out those which I have completed and will add those which I was not able to complete onto my next year’s resolutions.

I’ve come to the conclusion that certain things are really ongoing tasks and it can be impossible to finish it within a span of a year.

Tiger girl and me

Tiger girl and me

  1. Completing all my challenges . ( Healthy Eating, Weight lost and Declutter)- Still ongoing
  2. Improving my photography  skills.
  3. Learn more dishes to try out with the kids.
  4. Brush up on my French and Japanese
  5. Going  on a couple trip with R.
  6. The kids being able to speak Mandarin and Cantonese more fluently.
  7. Engage the kids more in bible reading and learning about values.
  8. Do more crafts and outdoor activities with the kids.


It has been a year of solo parenting for me and there has been many trying moments as I had to step out of my comfort zones many times just to ensure that everything was running smooth in our household. There were certainly lots of CHANGES which I had to deal with.

Within the house

  • Dealing with burnout of the main circuit board.  The whole safety fuse box has to be replaced when it was found that certain plugs were burnt and electricity was tripping non-stop.  It was the first time that I had to get in a 24-hr electrician to fix the problem.
  • Getting the air-con fixed after one set was found to be faulty. Luckily it was still within the warranty  period and I didn’t need to pay for it to be fixed.
  • Dealing with a leaking faucet and having to get someone in to   change the whole bathroom tap.
  • Changing the water heater after it tripped the electricity

For those that have known me for awhile know that I really dislike having to deal with such technical issues relating to the house. With no other adult around in our household I was forced to pick up the phone and contact the relevant people to seek help.

With the kids 

I have been tweaking their  enrichment schedule to see what fits them best.   Enrichment lessons do not come cheap and  multiply them by 3 the cost can be really staggering.

It would certainly burn a big hole in our pockets if we offered each child the same array of sports/ language, arts lesson which we started of for the eldest.  Every child has his/her own abilities and interest and after letting all of them try out Swimming and Piano.

I’ve decided to discontinue swimming classes for Monkey boy as he has completed all the levels and does not wish to continue in their competitive squad as he is in his schools competitive badminton team.  Having to cope with two competitive sports would be too tiring on him so we decided on dropping one and just concentrating on the sport which he likes better.

Doggie boy hasn’t really shown much interest in the Piano and after completed his Grade 2  we agreed on stopping Piano lessons for him  while Tiger girl starts on piano lessons. He wasn’t showing much progress in his Chinese enrichment lessons so we stopped that too. Next year I will be giving him more one-to-one time as I try out new methods which I have learnt in tutoring him.  The only enrichment lesson  which he enjoys is swimming and has recently shown interest in the ARTS. I’m still looking around for a suitable class for him to attend. If any of you know of  robotics or hands on crafting classes do drop me a comment. 🙂

Tiger girl is really excelling in her Piano, Swimming and Chinese enrichment classes and will continue them into 2016. She is loving the additional classes and learning quite a fair bit by attending them.

On a personal front

2015 has been a rather challenging year for me as I ventured into new areas which I have been rather unfamiliar with.  I joined Mary Kay and learned more about skincare and makeup.  Through research and trials I found out what is suitable for me and what is not. I documented some of my findings on the other blog- Rachel Dominique where I researched on the products that I had been using.  I conducted  makeup/skin class for friends and relatives and it was certainly an interesting experience.

I was rather apprehensive at first but after several practices I got more comfortable with doing makeup for others.  Although I enjoyed myself conducting such classes I do not see  it working out in the long run as it is simply too time consuming.  Each makeup/skincare class takes minimum 3 hours from start to finish including travelling time. It is certainly a longer duration than I can afford to fork out on a regular basis without compromising  the welfare of the kids.

I’ve been more in touch with my spiritual side and have been regularly doing my bible studies based on the suggested readings in the online bible group which I joined.  Next year besides the suggested reading I will also be re-visiting some of the books on GOD and spirituality which were given to me by my spiritual guide and mentor – F.

R and Me

R and Me

I’m really glad that I’ve managed to spend more time as a couple with R this 2015. Even though it has been extremely costly with the frequent flights from Singapore to where he is located I find that the time that we managed to spend together has certainly strengthen  our marriage and relationship.

How has 2015 been for you?