Waterlily and the Insect

Bee inside a waterlilly
Inset  inside a waterlilly

I love capturing pictures of flowers. While on holidays with the kids a few weeks back I spotted this insect buzzing within a waterlily and tried to capture it in action.

Flying insect besides the waterlily
Flying insect besides the waterlily

It didn’t really look like a bee so I wasn’t sure what it was.  Anyone had any idea what insect it was? Do you think it is a wasp?

Another shot of the buzzing bee
Another shot of the flying insect. 

The insect wasn’t buzzing and  wasn’t too bothered that I was hovering over it with my camera.  It did fly too and fro from the flower and I managed to catch it in action.

Another shot of the waterlily
Another shot of the waterlily

It is interesting how  plants in nature are able to provide substance for  other living creatures in our world.

Butterfly resting on a leaf
Butterfly resting on a leaf

This butterfly was harder to snap as it was more sensitive to movements and flew off before I could get a few more photographs of it. I’m lucky that the above shot turned out clear as I just snapped away without having sufficient time to focus on the insect.

What have you been photographing lately?


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14 thoughts on “Waterlily and the Insect”

  1. Lovely photos! There was a time when I was really into macro shots of flowers. I still do but theres not much flowers in here as its winter. I so miss taking flower photos like this.

    Happy New Year to your and your family. Thanks for being part of my 2014 =)

  2. Hari OM
    Definitely one of the many wasp species – most of which are quite harmless… delightful florals for the close of the year on WW Dominique. I live visiting your page each week and wish and your family the very best for 2015… Blessings, YAM xx

  3. These are gorgeous captures.It is true,capturing of butterflies is one of the difficult things as they don’t stay much at one place… 🙂
    Happy New Year 2015!

  4. You took really good photos Sis, I like how you capture tiny details that makes it so perfect and beautiful. Happy New Year to you and your family.

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