I Didn’t Throw it Away – The Piano

My piano

My piano

In the corner of our living room that stands a big black piano. This piano has been in the family since I was a teenager. This is the 2nd piano that I had since I started learning piano when I was 5 years old.

The first piano I had was a baby grand piano. We had to part ways when we moved from a house to an apartment to stay as it couldn’t fit into our new accommodation.

This black piano has been accompanying me for the past 23 years.  It was purchased when I was in secondary school and saw me through my years of learning music.

Music is something that enriches the soul and I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to pursue my interest in it.

The piano is not something fancy and it isn’t made by one of the leading piano makers in the world. Not a Steinway or even a Yamaha.  ( It would certainly be great if I had the opportunity to have such a piano though)

Costing about $3K back then Pearl River was the most affordable piano .  We weren’t rich so forking out $8K for a Yamaha would be extremely stressful on the family finances.  I only needed an examination model piano and Pearl River  has served me well all these years.

I’m glad that I have kept this piano with me as my kids and I have learned to treasure and share it together. The boys are now playing the piano too and are in Grade 5 and Grade 2 respectively. They too have developed a love for this instrument and it has been really  heartwarming listening to them play different pieces of music on the piano.

Tiger girl too will be joining her brothers in playing the piano when she starts  piano lessons come 2015.  I do hope that the piano will be able to last till when the kids have their own kids in time to come.


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