Small Talk by Amy Julia Becker

Small Talk  book cover

Small Talk book cover

Small Talk: Learning From My Children About What Matters Most by Amy Julia Becker is a book that Amy wrote about her experiences as a mother of three.  The book is divided into three parts – Holding on, Letting go and Growing up.

In each part Amy goes recollects her thoughts on the issues of birth, failure, gratitude etc and how she had survived through the years with GOD’s help.  She shares with the readers which the struggles that she has gone through, her experiences of motherhood as compared with her childhood and how she is moving forward as a mother.

Amy uses her experience with her own kids and shows how it is possible to to live a normal and fulfilling life as a parent of a special needs child.  She weaves in passages from the bible and how GOD has worked wonders in her life.

Many time we are focused on being the “perfect” parent that we neglect the fact that the small things are the ones that matters. There is no need to be so “picture perfect” in our lives and the challenges we face are there to help nurture us.

My thoughts

While reading Amy’s book it reminded me how many things that she has described runs parallel to my own life.  The three children and how different they see life as compared to me. My strive to be a better mother and person and have a closer walk with GOD. I too try to teach the children to pray and am working to make it a regular part of our lives. Even though I have similar doubts that Amy has I’m sure that it will work out some how and GOD will help me make my spiritual journey a bit clear to me as I lead my kids on theirs.

This book will be available for sale end October at on Amazon and other main book store. Do pick up a copy if you are interested in learning how GOD has touched Amy’s life.

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