Writer’s Workshop: Xtremely Me

The kids and me
The kids and me at Karuzawa Falls

Going on holidays is what I love the most. Every time the school holiday come around  we would be jetting off overseas on our next adventure.   Our last trip was to Tokyo Japan and it was the kids first winter holiday.

Doggie boy playing in the snow at Prince Ski Resort
Doggie boy playing in the snow at Prince Ski Resort

They went skiing and had fun in the snow. It was the first time that they were all so bundled up and our daily attire was totally different from what we would commonly wear in tropical Singapore.

Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland

We visited both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea during our trip there too and  immersed ourselves in the Disney Magic.

At Tokyo Disneysea
At Tokyo Disneysea

Looking at  the pictures I took on the trip got me thinking about what a exciting journey I have had on this blog since it was created back in 2007.  Since then there has been nearly 2000+ post on the blog  on a wide range of subjects.

Dominique’s Desk has evolved since it’s infancy day to a blog which is focusing on Parenting and Education together with my passions in cooking and photography.

Looking on the stats from GA there are certain type of posts which draw more attention then other’s here on the blog. It is interesting to note that currently my series on Teaching Toddlers to Write which I wrote back in 2008 has suddenly picked up in traction. As you can see  4 out of 5 of the post in the series are being featured in the  Popular Post section over at the side bar.

At the Train Museum
At the Train Museum

The series on English Composition which I wrote in Jan- Feb this year also drew a lot of attention.  Education is certainly a topic which many parents are interested in .

Sunset at Tokyo Disneysea
Sunset at Tokyo Disneysea

Besides my posts on Education my photography features too are gaining attraction here on the blog.  Every  Wednesday I host ~ Wordful Wednesday  and the pictures on  Duo Colored Flowers  which was featured a few  weeks back  is ranking within the top 5 post this month  based on my GA stats.

Reflections in the water at Tokyo Disneyland

Reflections in the water at Tokyo Disneyland


How has your blog changed
since you started it?

What  aspects of your blog can be considered “extremely me”?

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20 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Xtremely Me”

  1. I’ve been in a blogging hiatus for a long time. So I think what changed is now, it’s alive again. Post about our family life is what I consider extremely me.

  2. It is interesting to see which posts resonate most with readers – and for one, I enjoy your posts on educating and teaching your kids too!

  3. Can I become part of your family, lol….
    I’ve been blogging for almost five years now, crazy. On and off, but it’s been great! I love how personal your posts can be, that’s extremely (wannabe) me! There are some things that I want to share, but don’t.
    -Cinella @ The Mami Blog

  4. Dropping in during the blog hop from Katherine’s Corner. Great photos! When I started blogging a couple of years ago, it was to share crafting ideas and look for inspiration for bracelets I design and sell on Etsy. But it quickly changed into a blog about whatever catches my fancy!

  5. I think the posts that get a lot of clicks are usually the ones that can serve as reference for the readers. If they’ll be able to learn something from it, then they’ll definitely read it.

  6. I think my blog has changed so much. And I am planning to make a big change to serve my readers better. My blog is just me in all aspects. It’s just simple and it’s about my life, my family, my crafts and everything I love. By the way, I love to go to Japan one day. I want to see the cherry blossoms 🙂

  7. those are beautiful photos. I love looking at happy families in blogposts. I think the more popular ones in my blog are the “how-tos”

  8. Nothing much have change with my blog, it’s just the old boring blog I guess. I hope to overhaul it in the near future. And you really are getting better in photography. Keep it up!

  9. Your kids are really lucky that they get to travel with you! Travel is education in itself! As for my blog, I didn’t really change it…but, I added blogs which would talk about a different aspect of my life. I have maintained In Pinay’s Footsteps for my travels, but I haven’t posted my travels for a longtime because I have concentrated on In Pinay’s Ciudad which is about Zamboanga City, Ciudad Medical Zamboanga and my B.R.A. advocacy for Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness! I wish I could have the time to write about travel again… but I feel my advocacy for showing Zamboanga City in a positive light and on the Bra Campaign needs more attention now!

  10. How has my blog changed?

    Very good question. I started writing to appeal to my whimsy, but then I tried to do more and more unique things to attract readership. For me, I try to put as much time into responding to comments and getting to know my readers as I do writing. I don’t have a loss for writing prompts, but I enjoy the learning about my audience and how to transform the “look” of my blog.

  11. my blog is still the same blog on travels but I tried to make it more informative in terms of places to visit unlike the diary type kind of writing I used to (more of a blow by blow account). Cheers to more entries!

  12. i think before i am all about my emotions but now i blogged about reviews and almost everything.. it is fun! 🙂

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