Writer’s Workshop: Patience is Golden

A unopened bloom

A unopened bloom

“Patience is something which every mother needs to cultivate. “

Those were the words that  my mum gave me when Monkey boy was born 10 years ago.  Back then I couldn’t  fully understand the meaning of her words. I brushed aside her words as I though it was just frivolous talk.  Little did I know how true it was.

Patience is something which I didn’t have much of as a child.  A minute really seems like an eternity and seconds tick by really painfully.

I guess that in today’s modern world instant gratification/results are expected and people get irritated if they have to wait.  It seems torturous if one has to grit your teeth and endure the agonizing moments while anticipating something to happen. It is only when something drastically happens in your life that your perception of being patient changes.

Having a child really challenges your ability in endurance.  It makes the difficulties that you have faced prior to his birth pale in comparison.

Monkey boy when he was a year old

Monkey boy when he was a year old

5th March 2004 – The day when I first became a mom when Monkey boy was born.

It was a life altering day for me.  That day was the day that I received my first lesson in patience from my first born.

Handling a newborn was quite overwhelming at that time.  Being a high needs baby Monkey boy required my attention 24/7. It left me sleep deprived and totally exhausted during the first few months.

It wore me down physically and mentally and I was easily frustrated and irritable. On certain days I really felt like  throwing in the towel and declare that Motherhood is so NOT my cup of tea.

My patience was at an all time low and it was exasperating having to deal with a colicky baby who needed constant feeding and wouldn’t sleep. I was feeling desperate and helpless being the  Monkey boy’s sole caregiver.

I knew that I had to do something or else I may slip into post natal depression.  It was then that I realized that it was pointless for me to get angry and irritated at Monkey boy for turning my life upside down.  He was oblivious to how I was feeling and it was  I myself making myself feel miserable.

I needed a change of mindset.  I needed to identify my triggers,  to be more tolerant and learn to let go.  It isn’t easy but it was something that I had to do in order to be more patient with my child.

Patience is a virtue which I have been cultivating since then.  It has provided me with  perspective to see new possibilities that I might otherwise miss if I had rush through the process.

It made me more accepting of my environment and my frustrations and difficulties lessened.  Nothing is beyond me. I can and will get through it.


What advice has your mother given you?

Was it useful to you?


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