Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon

Book Cover

Book Cover

Dragonbreath #1 by Ursula Vernon is the first book in the series of books about  Danny Dragonbreath, a young dragon  that doesn’t breathe fire who is only mythical creature in a school filled with reptiles and amphibians.

Danny is a dragon with an attitude and doesn’t really like to do his homework. He would leave his work to the very last minute and hope that his breast friend Wendell would be his lifesaver and help him pass the assignment on ocean creatures. However this time around  Wendell was doing an article on Bats and could not really help him in his assignment. In the end he received an F on the assignment as he wrote about a non-existent creature called the Snorkelbat.  Danny had to redo his assignment if he wanted a passing grade on it.

Determined not to accept the fail grade, Danny seeks help from his cousin Edward the Sea serpent to find out all that he needs about the ocean. He pulls Wendell along on a crazy adventure underwater and they had a whale of a time gathering information for the science project.

My thoughts

Doggie boy and I loved reading the book together.  The book is a chapter book which has snippets of comics within it. It is a half -chapter, half -graphic book which makes reading easier and more interesting for young readers.  We will certainly be looking for more books in this series the next time we go to the library.

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