The Hoop Kid from Elmdale Park

Book Cover

Book Cover

The Hoop Kid from Elmdale Park by Teko Bernard is about Bernard’s trip to his grandparents place. Bernard wanted to spend the time at his grandparents place honing his basketball skills little did he know that he would be leading a team in the Annual Elmdale Park Basketball Tournament to save the park from being turned into a landfill.

Bernard not only saved the park but also helped his dad realize his dream of turning the park into a state of the art recreational center for the benefit of the population.

My thoughts

I find this book a very engaging read. I love the message of working hard and striving to achieve their best. Good triumphing over evil in the end when the Jones managed to prevent Franco from carrying out his scheme to turn the place into a landfill.

This is certainly a book which my kids would enjoy reading.


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