Raising Boys by Design


Raising Boys Design Book Cover

Raising Boys Design Book Cover

Raising Boys by Design: What the Bible and Brain Science Reveal About What Your Son Needs to Thrive by Gregory L Jantz , PhD and Michael Gurian is a book which combines faith with bring up of boys.

The book is divided into two sections

–  What a boy learns from his parents

– How to build character and self discipline in your son.

What he learns from his mom and dad are different as both of them are wired to focus on different emotions and needs in life.

Moms are seen as the more cautious persons while the dads are risk takers and are more detached in their parenting.

There are many things which boys have to be taught. Among them are the following.

1) New skills

2) Learning how to meet challenges with enterprising energy and acumen

3) self motivation and self-direction in the pursuit of invention and innovation

4) how to follow leaders and become a leader

5) understand what his talent set is and how to optimize it.

Parents and mentors make a huge impact in a boy’s development and we need all the help that we can to turn them into HEROES.


My thoughts

Having two boys I was really interested to learn how to  biblical teachings can be incorporated in the raising of boys. I have always seen the bible as a separate entity to a parenting guide and it’s interesting to know that there are relevant life lessons that are explained in that book.

I wanted to know how to develop their potentials to the fullest and this book certainly didn’t fall short of my expectations. The authors gave a clear explanation how as parents (especially fathers) are able to help guide their sons through the different stages of their childhood.

It is important that parents take an active role in their son’s education  and guide them to become HEROIC men.


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