Writer’s Workshop: Lesson Learned Through the Years

Photo from Photoexpress.com

Photo from Photoexpress.com

Teaching has been what I have been doing for the past  fifteen years.  It hasn’t been easy getting the students to understand the different concepts in the given syllabus. Each of them has a different learning ability and way of learning. There isn’t a one  method fit all  and sometimes it can be very exasperating why the student is unable to grasp the simplest of concepts even though you have spent a lot of time and effort giving him various different explanations

Certain methods which have been very effective with student A can be rendered useless with student B. It is the same with my three kids. All of them have different learning patterns and it takes trial and error to find out which method is best suited for which type of student.

Even a well executed lesson plan may not derive the desired results, what more the plans that we make for our personal life. Not everything may go according to plan. This is something which I have learned to accept through the years. However if you are passionate and determined enough you will still be able to get to your desired location/place in life. Never give up!!

The experiences that we gather in life will help shape our decisions made and our plans for the future. Something things that did not work for us earlier in life doesn’t mean it may not work for us in the future.  It may just need some tweaking or  different way of execution before it can work for us.

I believe that everything does happen for a reason.  There is such a thing as Karma and cause and effect.  It does take careful planning and a lot of determination to see something through from start to finish. It may take a longer time frame then what you expect but then with GOD’s grace and your determination you will certainly get the results that you are seeking. This is lesson which I have learned and hope that my kids will be able to learn it too.

What lessons have you learned through the years?



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