Happy 48th Birthday Singapore

Yesterday was a special day.  August the 9th was the day that Singapore is celebrating her 48th birthday since becoming an independent nation. Singapore has really changed a lot since gaining independence. The older generation can still remember how chaotic it was back then with the racial riots and conflicts between the different races. Everyone was wary of each other and  trust and security was a major issue.

These days we can walk around on the roads safely and do not have to be as wary of our neighbors who maybe of different race or religion. There is racial tolerance and the law and order is kept.

I feel that I am blessed to be born in Singapore and am raising my kids here. They are able to enjoy their childhood without having to worry about not having a safe place to stay and food on their plate. Everything is well provided for them here and they have lots of opportunities to have fun in the sun in the numerous parks all over this island.

Even though it will get exceedingly difficult for them to be able to own their own apartment in the future with the skyrocketing prices and it will be more competitive in the workforce I am sure they will be able to survive.

They are having a well rounded childhood and am learning all the skills which they need to become independent adults in future. Like how Singapore has grown so far I hope to that the kids will come into full bloom when they grow up.