Unbridled A Memoir by Barbara McNally

Unbridled Book Cover

Unbridled Book Cover

Unbridled: A Memoir by Barbara McNally  is one of the most interesting memoir which I have read to date. Barbara was brought up as a Baptist. She had always been the obedient daughter who engaged in youth activities at the church and played the role of an obedient and subservient wife to her husband. Her world seems picture perfect however it was far from that as she felt really restrained and cage in by her current life. She felt stifled and it ended up in her having an affair resulting in the end of her marriage.

It felt like a time of awakening when she got a divorced. Barbara went on a self discovery journey about her Irish roots and herself. She went through a whole series of emotions highs and lows as she rediscovered herself and became more in-sync with herself and accepting herself for who she really is.

My thoughts

Reading the book got me thinking of how important it is to understand and be true to yourself. It is one thing to live the life which you are comfortable with. You shouldn’t let others dictate how you should live your life but be in control of your own life.

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