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Mama Panda and her cubs

Mama Panda and her cubs

There are so many things that are  on my plate at the moment. Sometimes it can be overwhelming deciding on what to do first and setting the priorities on which item I should allocate my time to so that all can be completed within the week.



Raising Respectful Children in a Disrespectful World by Jill Rigsby, The Broken Circle by Cheryl Potter and Unbridled a memoir by Barbara McNally are the books that came in this month for me to read. So far I ‘ve only made it to chapter 1 of the first book while the other two books are collecting dust on my study table. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to finish at least the first book by the end of this week.

Listening to

I’m into listening to the compilation of KDrama Series theme songs. This is my current favourite from Prosecutor Princess.

Thinking about:

How to finish using the whipped cream in the fridge. I have been procrastinating since I bought the 1 liter tetra pack two months ago. It hasn’t been opened so it is still good for us. I’ve decided that we are going to make fruit tarts this week. If there is still a lot left over maybe another round of Hokkaido Chiffon cake also 🙂


The traffic lights turn from red to green signalling that it’s time to move on on the road. I have to be on the road a lot more this new school term as the kids have an increase in after/before school activities and need me to ferry them around more often on school days. I’m also following the Taiwainese drama series Fabulous boys(原來是美男 / Yuan Lai Shi Mei Nan)  staring Jiro Wang.

Bummed out on

My weight lost regime not getting anywhere. It is extremely frustrating trying to lose the extra kilos. It just seems to be still stubbornly sitting there instead of falling off. There must be something else that I need to tweak. The dieting regime isn’t really helping me much and the running around is wearing me down making me exhausted even before I can start with the exercise routine.


Waking up to the four of them having smiles on their faces when they see me. Receiving hugs and kisses when they come back from work/school and them enjoying the dinner that I prepare for them.


What are you currently….?



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