Weekend Relflections: Can you hold my hand?

Tiger girl holding R's hand

Tiger girl holding R’s hand

Once in a while you need someone to lean on. A helping hand to give you support.  Someone who you can rely on and place your trust in. Someone whose physical appearance gives you the assurance that you need.  Your pillar of support, your source of encouragement.

Someone that grips you tight when they sense that you may fall. The hand that steadies you when you waver and gives you the warm and comfort that you need.

You feel all warm and fuzzy whenever you hold the hand and wish to be able to have that hand there for you whenever you need it. You know that it will be there for you and that you can always count on it.  It gives you a sense of stability and makes you confident that you will be able to achieve whatever you set out to do.  Doesn’t it feel great to have someone who can hold your hand?


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