Read Easy with a 3M LED 6000 Polarizing Lamp

3M Polarizing Light LED6000
3M Polarizing Light LED6000

Having a proper study lamp is extremely important if you want to take proper care of your eyes. With the correct lamp you will not have to squint your eyes and face the possibility of spoiling your eyesight due to glare or insufficient lighting. It will also ensure you having the correct indoor lighting to prevent developing blurred vision. We were fortunate to be able to test out the 3M Polarizing Light LED6000 when it was delivered last week.


The LED Light
The LED Light

With the  Lime Green 3M LED 6000 Polarizing Lamp the kids and I can now do our reading in comfort.We do not need to deal with flicking or glaring light while reading and even harmful ultra violet rays due to the 3M Air Guiding Technology being applied to the lamp. The possibility of having multi-shadowing and  electromagnetic disruption to reading is also eliminated.

Lasting 50,000 hours with a consumption level of between 3.6-12 Watts  the sleek and ergonomic lamp offers five brightness levels to suit all your reading needs. It is certainly nifty energy saving device to have in the home.

Touch pad control base
Touch Sensor control base

You just have to take a look at the base of the lamp to see how high tech the design is.

One needs to only swipe your hand over the sensors to switch on the lamp and adjust the   level of brightness of the light.

With a minimum brightness of 10 Lux to a maximum brightness of 1,000 Lux you can be assured of optimal brightness for your reading pleasure.

Being a full time mom I only have time to settle down and read my favourite photography magazine when the kids are all  asleep.  With the 3M LED 6000 Polarizing Lamp I can enjoy reading without disturbing the sleeping baby in the same room.   I don’t even need to switch the lamp up to a brightness level of four of five as it is bright enough for reading comfortably under  with the ceiling light switched on at the same time.


3M 6000 LED at various levels of brightness
3M 6000 LED at various levels of brightness

Another feature of the 3M LED 6000 Polarizing Lamp is that it able to be folded up for easy storage. You just have to see how flat it becomes in the picture below. The flexibility of the parts also enables the lamp  to be freely adjusted to the direction and height that you require for reading.

The lamp folds flat making it easy for storage
The lamp folds flat making it easy for storage

If you are interested in purchasing a 3M LED 6000 Polarizing Lamp which comes in  –Sleek White and Luminescent Green it retails at  $269 (w/GST) at Best Denki, Homefix DIY, Popular Bookstores, UrbanWrite, Prologue and all leading retailers.

Additionally, 3M will be releasing a new PINK version LED 6000, that will be available in the market from 22nd July 2013 onwards.

If you are interested to win a LED 6000 for yourself simply “LIKE” 3M Polarizing Light fan page. for a change to win a set. ( One winner is picked every week!!)

Check out their fan page for more details 🙂

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  1. This is perfect timing for this, with school starting. My daughter is loving reading and starting to review, and this would be perfect for her. Especially on late Friday/Saturday nights, when she doesn’t need to go straight to bed.

  2. It’s a really useful gadget to have. I usually end up reading using ipad so as not to disturb my daughter’s sleep at night. I read that that’s not a good idea though because it affects sleep. Good idea to have something like this lamp.

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