Weekend Reflections: Taking a Moment

Yellow Grasshopper

Yellow Grasshopper

Sometimes when we take in the scenery around us we  normally look at the buildings and architecture around us and fail to take note of the minute details. Instead of looking up  or at your eye level ,how about looking down for once? You will be amazed at what you maybe able to spot. A tiny colorful creature maybe hiding in some nook or corner waiting for you to notice it.

The kids spotted this yellow grasshopper  while walking along the streets of Chinatown. It was perching on the window of a Chinese restaurant. I would have missed the opportunity of being able to capture the shot above if not for the kids alerting me to it.  I managed to get up and close with it with the camera as it wasn’t frightened away by the kids. We were amazed by the size of the insect and it’s ability to remain prefectly still as we gathered around it looking at it in amazement.

It is really amazing how GOD has created this insect.  You just have to look at it’s wing to notice how intrigue the pattern is on it. It is very rare to see a yellow and black spotted grasshopper as most grasshoppers which I have seen are green. It looks as if it was starring back at me in the shot above.

Have you seen a yellow grasshopper before?

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