Weekend Reflections: Looking at Architecture and Culture

Colorful Signboards outside the shophouses.

Colorful Signboards outside the shop houses.

While having breakfast in Chinatown I took the chance to take photograph of the architecture in the area. Many of the buildings in Chinatown date back a few hundred years. It is a part of Singapore’s history that has been specially preserved for its heritage.

Chinatown is one of the few places where there are still old style shop houses standing. No doubt the businesses which used to occupy their premises have long gone with new shops taking over the outlets the place still retains its special charm as the first place where the Chinese immigrants chose to stay back then when they first landed on the shores of Singapore.

A street in Chinatown

A street in Chinatown

The blend of old with the modern  with the HDB blocks towering in the background.  The unique architecture of the Indian temple which is located  smack in the  middle of Chinatown. It would have been great to be able to get  a close up shot of all the  carved statues at the temple but being with the kids made it difficult.

Penciled out Street Scene

Pencil Sketch of a  Street Scene

I could only take pictures from the corner of the street while waiting for the traffic light to change.  Maybe next time when I can do a proper photo walk without the kids around.

What have you been doing this week?


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