The Big Book of Babycakes- Cupcake Maker Recipes

book cover

The Big Book of Babycakes Cupcake Maker Recipes: Homemade Bite-Sized Fun! by Kathy Moore & Roxanne Wyss is a book any inspiring chef or cupcake lover should check out.

Within the covers of the book are the following

  1. How to use the Babycakes Cupcake Maker
  2. Sweet Treats which you can bake like cupcakes, brownies, cheesecakes pies and tarts
  3. Mealtime Favourites like Muffins, Breads and Pies
  4. Babycakes for Everyone- Gluten Free and Vegan Treats, for Tots and small servings
  5. Entertaining Made Easy with Appetizers and Finger Foods.

The book not only gives you the recipes for making tasty cupcakes but also teaches you how to make various different frostings and glazes to jazz up your creations. I found the section on Frosting and Glazes particular captivating as I had always wanted to learn how to make different types of frosting to go along with my cupcakes to make them more delectable.

Another section which caught my attention was the section on Lunch and Dinner Pies. I have always love eating pies and now I’ll be able to make my own Beef Pie Bites and Country Ham and Egg Hand Pies.

I didn’t know that there is so many other things which you can do with a babycake maker besides making cupcakes.

Do check out the book if you are interested in learning how to fully utilize your babycake maker.

You can purchase the book online from Amazon.


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