Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids-Storybooks (Part 1)

[important] This is Part 1 of a 2 part post on recommended Storybooks for kids this festive season[/important]

Looking for a good book for your child?

Here is a list of books which you can consider to purchase for your child this Christmas.

#1 The Day An Angel Ran into My Room

Book coverThe Day an Angel Ran into My Room by Annabella Vanezuela-Alarcon is a children’s storybook about a girl named Alessandra who had a visit from her guardian angel before going to bed one night. She learns more about God and how special she is. (Read the whole review here)

#2- Queen-a-Bella Finds a Best Friend

Queen-a-Bella Finds a Best Friend by Lisl Fair & Nina de Polonia is the latest in the series of kids story book for preschoolers. In this book Queen-A-Bella gets slighted when her older sister’s best friend comes to visit and she was not allowed to join in their game. She was very sad and decided after some thought felt that she too should have her own best friend.

(Read the whole review here)

#3 Joi the Koi by Devon Anthony

Joi the Koi, Gets a New Home (Joi the Koi, Volume 1) by Devon Anthony is a uplifting story about a Japanese Koi Fish who learns about patience and faith while living in a Pet store awaiting for someone special to purchase her and take her home

(Read the whole review of Joi the Koi).

#4- An Octopus Named Mom

A Octopus named mom
A Octopus Named Mom is one fun read for children ages 3 to 8 years old.

Written by Kathleen Flaherty and Illustrated by Jennifer Caulfield Donehey this book is written from a child’s perspective on how great his life would be if all his needs were met without him having to wait.

Kathleen brings the reader through a little boys fantasy of how great it would be if his mother turns into an octopus. She would be able to keep up with her daily task and keep her children happy all at once. She would be a great multi-tasker as she would have “enough hands” to do all the tasks that she needs to do within the day.

(Read the whole review of the book here)



#5- Beautiful Bear by Ann Lee Everhart

Bearful Bear
Bearful Bear and His New Moves by Anna Lee Everhart is a fun children’s story book to read to your kids. The book is about an active bear who loves to romp around. One day while romping around in the forest he started wondering how the other animals move. He wanted to learn how to jump, hop, fly or even gallop. With the help of his friends he learned how to jump, hop, fly, gallop, roll and swim. He also got his grove back.

(The whole review can be found here)

In the next part of this post I will be introducing five more books lovely books which you can read together with your child.