Writer’s Workshop: Dining Xperience Monkey Boy Style


Monkey boy loves Japanese food. Every week he would request to eat  tuna mayo sushi , udon or soba for lunch or dinner.

On the weekend when we go out for dinner he would request to go to Sake Sushi or any other restaurant which  serves Japanese food. Raw salmon and salmon roe(Ikura) are among his absolute favourite.

Chicken Terriyaki  Bento or Curry chicken udon are what he would order if we are eating out at a food court as sushi would be unavailable. He loves tempura too and dipping the deep fried vegetables into the tempura dipping sauce.  In fact he loves most Japanese foods but passes on the wasabi for the moment.

Japanese meal

Sometimes to satisfy his craving of Japanese food we cook tempura and other Japanese food at home during the weekdays.


Are your kids into Japanese food too?

What are their favourites?

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