The Fatigue Prescription- Four Steps to Renewing your Energy, Health and Life


The Fatigue Prescription: Four Steps to Renewing Your Energy, Health, and Life by Linda Hawes Clever.M.D is a  book full of tips on how to make your life more meaningful. In the 8 chapters Linda shares with her readers how  to analyze what is causing your fatigue and how to prevent it.




Plan and Act

These are the key focus of the 4 step plan which Linda prescribes to get over your fatigue. One needs to be aware of the factors that are causing your fatigue before you are able to gather the resources that you need to “fight” it.  Conversations with your love ones and those around you would lead you to understand your needs and wants better. The last step Plan and Act would result in you taking action to remove the fatigue and make your life more pleasant for yourself.

The prescription may chance as your life circumstances change however it will give you sustaining renewal and help you beat fatigue. It aims to restore what you previously had. Your excitement and passion which you had for things that really mattered to you.

Sometimes fear of change is holding you back  will make one stay in their fatigue state. Sometimes it is important to take calculated risks in order to make our lives better.


My thoughts

Going through the various checklists and assessments in each chapter made me more aware of my mental/physical needs.I agree that  it is important to remove all physical and mental toxins that may be in your life. It is essential to be able to identify both internal and external stresses in your life.  Setting priorities and looking back at past experience did help me plan my life and help remove the fatigue that I was experiencing the past few years. I realised that there are still certain areas in my life which can be further simplified and worked on so that I’ll be able to boost my energy level further. t does feel great to be rejuvenated.

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