Writer’s Workshop: Zippy Comfort Items


My family


There are a few things in life that brings me much comfort whenever I feel down or am having a bad day.

1. My family

They are my pride and joy. Even though they may drive me up the wall at times but without them around there will not be solace.

blue flowers

2. Flowers

I love roses and blue roses are my personal favourite. They always lift up my mood and make great deco around the house.

Chocolate Cake

3. Chocolate Cake

It is my go to comfort food whenever I feel down. Sometimes I will bake my own if I have the time or else will pop by the nearest cake shop and purchase a piece.

the boys

4. Being outdoors

Sunshine and being at the park or the beach really helps me feel more relax and at ease whenever I feel tensed up.

Teddy bear

5. Teddy bears

I couldn’t find a picture of my teddy bear so took one of Tiger’s girl’s instead. Both of us love our teddies and they really bring us lots of comfort.

What are you comfort items?

What is a must have for you?

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