My Rays of Sunshine this Monday

My family

Who are your motivators? What gets you up when you are feeling down and depressed?

Some days the sky seems gloomy and it can be a drag to get out of bed. However when I see the smiles on the faces of the kids and R it forces me to keep moving even though I feel otherwise. They are my strength and source of inspiration. My joy and love. Even though it can be trying at times communicating with them and trying to get my point of view across. To know that they appreciate and value whatever I have done in their best interest is payment enough for me to keep on going.

Receiving a hug or a kiss from any one of them really spurs me on and give my day a boost.  A ” I love you” or “Thank you mummy” really brightens up my day and put a smile on my fave. It is my adrenaline to get me through the 101 items that I have to tackle on a daily basis.

Do you have rays of sunshine too? Photobucket

This week I’m introducing you to another Korean band FTISLAND. Here is one of their latest hits.