Writer’s Workshop: Someday I am going to be a Virtuous Lady

Tiger girl


It may not be now, tomorrow or next year but slowly bit bit I will get there. With guidance and love  from my parents and GOD I will be taught the difference between what is right and wrong.

Everyday I will be  learning through experience  the meanings of the various virtues like  kindness ,integrity and honesty.

I will gradually understand  the need to be self-discipline and responsible for my actions.  Even though I may not agree with what my elders say and do at times I know that they have my best interest at heart.

They will show me how I can benefit from being tolerant and I will get to reap the sweet rewards that come from perseverance.

Diligence and determination will be the tools that will help to see me through any rough patches which I may get into.  Practicing forgiveness for self and others will help to keep me at peace and minimize my worries.

I will  be learning what it means to take proper care of myself both physically and mentally.   I will learn how important it is for me to be in-charge of myself and not give in to peer  and worldly influences which may be bad for me.

I will know how to respect myself enough to accept what GOD has planned for me and be able to think through on life altering decisions which I ma have to make. To pray and ask for advice when I feel my vision is clouded and to be able to let go if things don’t work out.

What do you hope for your child in the future?

What are you doing now to guide them?




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