Weekend Reflection: An Enduring Friendship

Birthday cake

 The birthday cake that we picked out for RK

Last weekend we had a rare visitor to our house. R’s best friend RK was in town to visit his relatives and to spend some time with us.  It has been a long time since he  has visited us with his last trip to Singapore being 4 years ago. The kids do meet up with RK when we go back to Hong Kong to visit the family and were thrilled to have him come over this time.

RK and R’s friendship goes back  to their school boy days. Both of them were acquainted in their high school years and have know each other for more then two decades. RK was our best man at our wedding and our wedding photos were all taken in his studio back in Hong Kong. The two best friends have always kept in contact even though they haven’t been staying in the same country for the past 15 years. They can talk about anything under the sun and truly enjoy each other’s company.


I hope that my kids too will be able to forge such strong friendships like their dad has. Friendship that spans past more then two decades and stand the test of time.

Do you wish for the same thing for your kids too?


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