Writer’s Workshop: Just Go For It-A Picture Pefect Dream

At the playground


I have been having a dream. Not so much like when I dreamed a dream  nor my long term dream of being debt free and getting my dream car. A smaller but more attainable dream. Something which I can have in my arms. A physical entity to add to my collection of fancy toys.  A tool which I can use to document the growth and milestone of the kids. Something which allows me to capture all the  happy and sad moments and build up long lasting memories for the kids.

It would be an item which I need to do extensive research on as it would be a long term investment. There should be room for potential upgrades and keeping up with the latest in technology. Even though I do have a  similar item in my possession it doesn’t deliver the quality and speed which I require. R was not that approving of this big ticket purchase but it didn’t bother me as it was going to be my purchase. Something which would be fully funded by my online blogging efforts.

I  set it as a goal since the start of the year and was happy that it has taken me half the time I estimated to reach this goal. The dream has come true and this little baby  has been added into the family.

  Welcome  my latest addition- Canon 650D

My new Camera

I can already seen an improvement in the shots I take ( see the collage above)

What dream do you have?

Has it come true for you yet?

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