Lollibox- Fun Crafts in a Box( A Review)


Last Month we received a large parcel in the mail from Lollibox. The kids were delighted to receive such a big box and were very eager to see the contents of the box. They had sent over their  craft product for review and the kids would be having something to occupy them if we are cooped at home due to the weather or decide to have an afternoon home.

Lollibox contents

Upon opening the box we found 4 different sets of crafts inside. The theme for the month was Amazing animals and the packages include the following

– Activity # 1: Building a Zoo!

-Activity # 2: The Camouflage Game!

-Activity # 3: Design your own Mother’s Day Card!

– Bonus Activity: Make your own Zoo Photo Frame.

There was also an instruction sheet,  enrichment sheet and a redemption sheet whereby there was a mystery prize awaiting the child after they have completed 10 boxes of art and craft.

I divided the crafts among the kids so that they could all get a go at doing a craft each. The crafts were of varying difficulties so I chose the simplest one for Tiger Girl to do. She had  a go at designing/colouring the Mother’s Day Card.

Tiger girl doing art

She got on with colouring and pasting the cut outs onto the card. She didn’t even need help with the pasting and just needed to be shown once how to use the glue stick. It was an interesting and not too difficult activity for a 20 month old.

Doggie boy chose to do the bonus activity of decorating a photo frame. He got to work himself and this is his completed art work displayed on the fridge below.

photo frame


Monkey boy chose the most challenging art activity of building a zoo using the activity pack for it. Even though there were instructions on how to build the zoo in the pack he decided to come up with his own arrangement and placed the animals in different types of enclosures. The lion had an enclosure with a moot of water running outside of it while the elephant was supposedly inside the wading area of it’s enclosure.  Monkey boy also created a small replica of Earth as there was leftover plasticine from the set. The zoo


The kids didn’t do the Camouflage Game as they didn’t find it interesting. I also wasn’t too keen for them to try it out as it would certainly leave a big mess given the small pieces used in the activity.

My thoughts

I liked how organized the package was with the instruction sheets and individually packed activities.  It was great that all materials were included and we did not have to purchase additional art and craft supplies to carry out the activities. You also get to keep the crayons, modeling clay etc which can be reused for future art and craft projects that I may do with the kids.

It’s certainly a great idea to get a Lollibox for your kids if you want a fuss free art and craft session for children between 3-7 years old.


If you are interested to learn more about Lollibox and what they have to offer do visit their website.


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Disclaimer: I received a sample Lollibox for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.