Lotte World Theme Park- Seoul Korea

On Monday I posted some pictures about our visit to Lotte World . Here are some more pictures of the theme park.

The flower princes

There were many photo opportunities at Lotte world as there were many different rides for the kids to try out and lovely decorations all over.

bumpercar fun

R and I both brought along our own cameras so we took twice as many photos and I only managed to go through and filter all the photographs yesterday.  The bumper car ride was the favourite of all the 3 kids and they went on countless rounds on it. Luckily there wasn’t really a queue for this ride and we didn’t have to wait too long for each round.

The Ferris Wheel

There were a few kiddy rides suitable for Tiger girl. She was really happy to be in the pink capsule of this kiddy Ferris Wheel.


Some of the floats on display at the parade round the indoor arena at Lotte World. We lov the bright colours of the float and the cute creatures/entertainers that were on it.

ball pit

The boys were so thrilled to see this 3 story high ball pit with cannons within Lotte World. Doesn’t it look super cool!! It was based on the theme the Queen of Hearts from the story Alice in Wonderland.

fun exhibits

The fun exhibits at the ground floor of the ball pit. A great place to teach the kids about air pressure and gravity.

Monkey boy with his cannon blaster

Can you guess who he is “shooting” at the other end of the platform?

R playing with Monkey boy

R having fun with the boys. I guess that they all become like little boys when given the chance to play with guns and balls.