Battle with the Bugs- IPAD App Review

Battle with the bugs

Battle With the Bugs by  Dr Heather Manley is the first science related app which I have reviewed with the kids.The 2nd book from the Human Body Detective series. In this story the girls and their elder cousin went on a journey inside their younger cousin’s body to find out the reason behind him being ill.

They went on an adventure through the immune system and saw how the little boy battled with his illness.  The detectives had to trudge through mucus and were  chased by macrophages (part of the immune system) who thought they were foreign invaders. The kids watched the showdown between the lymphocytes and the bad bugs and learned more about the immune system while doing so.

Having seen many interactive storybooks I was intrigued that this book not only had a good storyline but actually gave it’s reader a detailed explanation of how the immune system works. There was also more information about the immune system, healthy trivia, tips for boosting your immune system through proper nutrition, jokes, and a glossary after the pages for the story.



Page from inside

One of the pages of the story. I love the fact that there were moving “germs” on the page as it was being read out.


Fun facts

Interesting facts from one of the pages after the story.

My boys are very into Science and have recently borrowed books about the human body. Going through the story with them gave them a clearer understanding of how their body worked to fight against viruses and illnesses when they fall ill. It also helped to reinforce to them the need to maintain their cleanliness and keep healthy. In all I certainly recommend this book to parents who have kids who are interested to learn more about the immune system.

Suggestions for Improvements

It would be great if the words lit up as they were being read so that younger readers would be able to follow the story a bit more easily.

There could also be an interactive game included in the app like the matching of the different types of germs/ antibodies to make it a more wholesome learning activity and to reinforce the knowledge gained from listening to the story.

You can purchase this APP at $2.99 from the Itunes store


Disclaimer: I received a promo code by the sponsor to redeem and try out the app for review purposes. Opinions are 100% my own.