Is Lap Band Surgery For You?

Weight lost

Losing the baby fat and getting back into shape has always been on my mind since the birth of my #3- Tiger Girl in September 2010. I had  started gaining weight before I was pregnant with her and throughout the pregnancy had put on about 15 kg. My weight ballooned up to 85kg before delivery and I was at my heaviest ever.

I had managed to get back to my ideal weight by the time my #2 boy was 2 yrs old and I intended to do the same now after the birth of my #3. However this time around it has been harder for me to lose the weight as I’m five years older since the birth of Monkey boy and  I guess that energy and stamina is lesser with more things to handle with 3 kids instead of two.

I started on my dieting/ exercise routine right after confinement. Initially it the weight fell off easily even though I wasn’t doing much exercise as I was still adjusting to the new routine being a mom of three. After the initial 10kg lost which I managed in 3 months my weight started to plateau.

I was getting rather frustrated and even considered whether I should have a Lap Band Surgery as I have heard that it has worked wonders for people who had undergone such a treatment. However after careful consideration and taking into mind that I would be exclusively  breastfeeding my girl it wouldn’t be advisable at this stage in time.

I did a lot of reading and started working on a plan to get back to my ideal weight of 55kg.  My aim is to fit back into my wedding dress and be able to take pictures with my kids wearing it for our 11th Wedding Anniversary this June. I’m still about 6kg short of this target but the inches have started reducing after I started doing the following.

  1. Climbing up stairs instead of taking the lift.
  2. Controlling my portion intake.
  3. Increasing vegetables in my diet and reducing the meats.
  4. Exercise and work out using WII Active or Zumba 3-4 times a week.
  5. Having a positive mindset and be focused on reaching my targeted goals.

It has taken me 17 months and my weight has plateau a few times but I’m happy that I have managed to lose 24 kgs to date and can fit back into all my old pre kid clothes.

What have you done to keep healthy and lose weight?




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