10 Things I Rather Do then Clean My House

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Housework and me is not something which goes hand in hand. On any given day I would rather be doing the following then be buried doing household chores.

  1. Working on my blog creating new content for it.
  2. Trying out new bakes/dishes in the kitchen.
  3. Going out for lunch with my friends.
  4. Going shopping.
  5. Reading the books I borrowed from the library
  6. Chatting with my friends on MSN/Skype.
  7. Playing with the kids.
  8. PlayingΒ  WII/ Ipad or Xbox with hubby.
  9. Sleeping
  10. Eating

What would you rather do then clean your house?

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21 thoughts on “10 Things I Rather Do then Clean My House”

  1. Yes to all. there is so many things that are joyus in life and cleaning is not high on that list πŸ˜‰ wish you less vacuuming and more giggles!

  2. I’d rather do all of the above! Also, I’d rather read the stack of magazines “waiting to be read” on my coffee table.

    Right now, my boys are at the ages (3 and 5) where they still get excited if I ask them to help me clean the bathrooms. They find it thrilling to stand in the tub with a cloth and scrub, or to (believe it or not) get down on the floor and scrub all around the toilet. I figure they can’t make it any worse, and I appreciate the help. It makes that dreadful chore fun and it gets done faster.

  3. Are you kidding? I’d rather do ANYTHING other than clean my house! My preferred methods of housework avoidance are blogging/surfing the internet, reading and napping when my kiddo naps!

  4. I think you’ll find the link I posted here will brighten your day! A hilarious take on housework by a well known comedian! Check it out!
    new follower via VB!

  5. I’m weird … I like to clean so long as it it osn’t too crazy! Stopping in from the hop today … would love a follow via Google+ and GFC … BTW … I could really use some answers to my post today – if you have the time please stop by and comment  thanks! http://www.shaunanosler.blogspot.com

  6. I’m with the group that says they would rather do anything than housework!!! Your list is the same as mine though! Not a big fan, I do like a clean house though. It’s also always amazes me that it takes longer for me to get ready to clean than it actually takes me to do the cleaning!! Thanks for a fun post which I’m reading instead of cleaning!! Lol!!

  7. I love to relax, enjoy than cleaning house. But I have Hobson’s choice.

    Can’t outsource to son. He refuse to do it. I am happy if he doesn’t mess up the house

  8. Hate cleaning too, although when I get in the mood- it’s therapeutic!!! However, if I could- I would exercise instead, take my kids to Central Park, meet my girlfriends out for brunch or go out with my hubby on a date……quite honestly, I would do anything other than clean πŸ™‚

  9. I would rather do almost anything than clean my house. Anything. I am a horrible housekeeper. While our house is never really DIRTY, it’s pretty much always cluttered. I hate it, but I hate cleaning up more!

  10. oh man. those really sound like a lot of fun. I don’t like cleaning as much as organizing the home, but either way, when there is way too much to do, I tend to get lazy.

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