22 Things I Never Done

In all my 33 years I haven’t done the following

  1. Houston Sky Dive © by krismartis

    Gone Skydiving.

  2. Gone Bungee Jumping.
  3. Been a contestant on a TV variety show.
  4. Travelled to USA/Canada.
  5. Stayed on a farm.
  6. Got a Tattoo.. (will definitely not get one)
  7. Smoked a cigarette ( will never touch one)
  8. Watched a Broadway Musical.
  9. Travelled business class/first class
  10. Gone to a prom
  11. Wore stilettos..those things really freak me out.
  12. Flew an aeroplane.
  13. Japan - Kyoto © by Marc Veraart

    Travelled to Japan.. I’m been wanting to visit that country for a long time.. hopefully within this two years.

  14. Gone for a facial or pedicure.
  15. Driven a sports car or a race car.
  16. Wanted to own any pets.
  17. Baked my own bread even though I’ve tried doing cakes and other sweets.
  18. Been a bridesmaid.
  19. Gone scuba diving.
  20. Done knitting but am keen to try.
  21. Been drunk.
  22. Won the lottery

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