Waterlilies at Wetland Park

During our stay in Hong Kong we brought the boys to the Wetland Park. It was the first time I personally visited such a park and was amazed by the waterlilies and Lotus  there.

The  Lotus  pond
Pink Waterlilies
Love the round petals
A black and white shot
Purple waterlilies
A Lotus in full bloom
The  Lotus seeds

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13 thoughts on “Waterlilies at Wetland Park”

  1. Hello Dom,

    Nice photos ;). FYI, the 1, 4, 6 and 7 photos are lotus plants. You can actually grow the lotus plant in a big round pot in a nice sunny area of your home.

    1. @Greg,
      thanks for pointing out the errors. I was sorting the photos by colour and didn’t realised that they were two different types of water plants – waterlily and lotus. Have amended some of the captions to reflect the correct plant.
      Yup.. I’ve seen Lotus being grown in a pot in some compounds over here.

  2. They’re beautiful, aren’t they? I’ve only been to the Wetland Park once, back when Josh was almost 2. It would be great to visit again; this time with Zoe, but we will have to wait until the weather gets much cooler!

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