Unnecessary, Really Unnecessary

Cookie cutters

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This week the prompt of if I were a hoarder got me thinking. I personally am trying to declutter as  as much as I can this year.  Many of you may know that I do have a passion for cooking and baking.

I only started really cooking and baking after Doggie boy was born and since them have collected many different cooking and baking equipments and gadgets.

After clearing up  and repacking all my stuff  I realized that I really have too many cutters in my house. Can you believe that I have the whole set of Hello Kitty, Thomas the Train, Winnie the pooh and a whole box of unopened Wilton animal sandwich cutters at home.  They do look cute and can make really lovely cookies or shaped sandwiches but with nearly 50  over different pieces I really feel that I have an excess of cookie/sandwich cutters and shouldn’t be adding to my collection with impulse buys.

I really don’t need so many different shaped cutters and should be able make lovely looking pieces from my existing collection.

What do you hoard?


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29 thoughts on “Unnecessary, Really Unnecessary”

  1. Wow, that’s a lot! Maybe if you pick the ones you would like the most and keep those. 🙂

    I have lots of stuffed animals, so I guess that’s my collection. 🙂

    1. I guess I would have to test out all of them again before deciding on which to keep or toss. I use the cutters for fondant cake decoration and cutting cookies and for the kids bake sessions ..so far the metal ones seem to cut better but the plastics are safer for the kids to handle.

  2. What a brilliant post! I didn’t realise there were so many different types of cutter around! What a great thing to collect – yes – collect. If you don’t want to get rid of them turn them into a collection (hoarding with permission!)

  3. I really like that last comment – hoarding with permission! There’s a great craft you can do to take your cutters, paste a picture onto the back and turn them into tree ornaments. But I guess that would be a lot of ornaments… 🙂

  4. I hear you on the decluttering- a goal of mine, too!

    I think {and so does my husband} that I hoard books. There are worse things, but oh my my kids’ shelves!

  5. Oh I have a ton of cutters too. We use them for playdoh sometimes! I hoard books! Thanks to the Mama Kat I realize I just might have a serious problem. LOL Stopping by from the workshop. 🙂

  6. It’s not really a question of need or no need, it now became a collection. So put them on a shelf as I did with my cat collection. And there is not only a shelf but severals and a vitrine and cats of all kinds all over the house. See you can still collect cutters !

  7. I can see how this might happen. I have seen some pretty neat cookie cutters out there. I can’t keep them well in my house as the kids play play doh with them too much…Found you from the workshop! Love it!!

    1. @Danielle,
      Playdoh is something which I’ve managed to not allow the the kids to have at home as I personally don’t like it.. the kids don’t miss it as they too get to play with fondant and making cookies with the cutters.

  8. You could use those plastic ones for the kids to use with play-doh or as stencils in coloring projects! My granddaughter loves to use them like that (I just don’t have as many as you do!) As for hoarding, what don’t I hoard! I have to watch Hoarding on TV to remind myself that I’m not so bad after all!! ; D
    (great U post, by the by!)

  9. How about using the plastic one for the kids to use when playing with Play-doh or as stencils when coloring? My granddaughter loves to do that, although I don’t have as many as you do!

    As for hoarding, I have to watch Hoarders on TV just to convince myself that I not REALLY a hoarder!!

  10. Okay, after careful consideration Ihave to admit to hoarding books. BUt it’s really not that bad, right? I just tell my husband that I’m insulating the house one book at a time, I mean they are usually in a bookcase, next to an exterior wall, so I can justify their purpose as keeping the cold or hot out whichever the case may be. But oops, I also tell him that about painting the walls, a frequent occurance at our home. So I probably hoard gallons of semi-gloss paint as well.

    1. @Lisa,
      Hoarding books is NEVER bad especially if they can be passed down to your kids or grandkids in the future.

  11. for sandwiches? They look like toys to me! That’s how much I shop in the food prep section… {:-Deb

  12. Use them on your bento
    I don’t have big collection of cutters. I always think that if I have more cutters, I can make better bento (excuses… )

  13. I “collect” cocktail napkins with funny quotes written on them. It is a real weakness! One whole shelf in my kitchen is stacked with them!

  14. Wait did you say Hello Kitty????? When you are done hoarding those, can you pass them on? I would be willing to trade some kind of holiday cookie cutters….MINI ones….they are so adorable!

    1. @Erin,
      I have tons of HK stuff to at home( just didn’t post about it).. besides the cutters we have curtains, cutlery , bags, ornaments and clothes that are Hello Kitty too. It’s quiet easy to get HK stuff over here in Singapore.

  15. See, my problem is, if I were to throw one of those sets of cutters out, I’d need to make a whole bunch of cookies in that theme! My mom had that problem. She’d save and save and save and then finally throw out whatever she was saving. That same day, I’d come home from school and need a whole bunch of whatever she threw out. Totally frustrating. So, she stopped throwing stuff out. Results: a whole family of packrats! LOL Glad I’m not the only one though! Stopped by from Mama Kat’s.

  16. I hoard pretty much everything…I have so many things that when I moved my stuff out to the garage to recarpet my room, I never moved everything back in…and I’m still unpacking, 2 weeks later. I don’t want to throw the stuff away, but I don’t have anywhere to put it all! So…much….stuff (my AlphabeThursday S post- seriously…that’s how long it’s been)…


    1. I’m still decluttering the house after the renovations. My new monthly goal is to do a room each month. Hope you get to clear the garage soon.

  17. I saw the cutest wall decor done with cookie cutters. I think they used tiny little nails and put them so they all touched. It looked kind of like a mosaic and it was really lovely.

    I hoard bowls. I am always enchanted with old bowls, new bowls, bright bowls, pyrex bowls…polka dot bowls!

    I have no idea why, but i love them!

    Thanks for a sweet link this week.

    I say, cookie cutters are a necessity!


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