Unnecessary, Really Unnecessary

Cookie cutters

Photo by Flickr

This week the prompt of if I were a hoarder got me thinking. I personally am trying to declutter as  as much as I can this year.  Many of you may know that I do have a passion for cooking and baking.

I only started really cooking and baking after Doggie boy was born and since them have collected many different cooking and baking equipments and gadgets.

After clearing up  and repacking all my stuff  I realized that I really have too many cutters in my house. Can you believe that I have the whole set of Hello Kitty, Thomas the Train, Winnie the pooh and a whole box of unopened Wilton animal sandwich cutters at home.  They do look cute and can make really lovely cookies or shaped sandwiches but with nearly 50  over different pieces I really feel that I have an excess of cookie/sandwich cutters and shouldn’t be adding to my collection with impulse buys.

I really don’t need so many different shaped cutters and should be able make lovely looking pieces from my existing collection.

What do you hoard?


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