Writer’s Workshop- Sunburned White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting at Cagayan De Oro,Philippines

Last December during our trip to Philippines we tried out White Water Rafting. It was the 2nd time that I have been rafting. The first was when I was still a student in Australia. We went rafting in Cairns then during one of the summer vacations that we had.

The sun didn’t look that hot that day and I had forgotten to slap on my sunblock. It wasn’t scorching hot and there  were no signs that after the 4 hour rafting trip I would return back to the hotel looking like a cooked lobster and suffer from the after effects of sunburn for a whole week!!

This was my ” good friend” which provided me temporary relieve in the next few days after suffering from sunburn to my legs and hands. It was the first time that I was sunburned and it was an experience which I hope never to repeat. It will be a really long while before I attempt whitewater rafting again.

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