Weekend Reflections- P1 Registration Stress


These past few weeks parents of 6yr olds have been under quite a bit of stress as the P1 registration process has started.  Many parents like me hope to get their child into a good primary school so that they will be given a head start in their education.

Some of my friends had registered as a parent volunteer two years ago for the school that they wish their child to enter. They had to clock up at least 40hrs of service before they were considered to have fulfilled their duty as a parent volunteer. Luckily their efforts paid off and they were able to secure a place for their child without having to go through the hassle of balloting for the limited seats available.

Many others used their connections as old girl/boys of the school to register their child at their alma mater. I do know of parents who rent houses nearby their chosen school or even selling their house to move nearer the place just that it will be more convenient for their child when they start school.

I personally do not know if such an investment will pay off in the long run and I hope for the best for them.

Ryan will be going to a  reputable neighbourhood  school and I’m sure that he is looking forward to making more friends and expanding his knowledge there. There is balloting there every year for Phase 2C but he had managed to enter under an earlier phase by passing the need for balloting.

Now all I need to get is a new school bag, school shoes, stationary and books which he will be needing for next year by the end of this year.

Are you too stressed up by P1 registration?

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