Dear Santa- An Open Letter

Christmas is just around the corner.  Feeling rather nostalgic I decided to take part in Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop

I am using the prompt- An Open Letter to Santa.

Dear Santa ,

It has been an extremely long time since I written to you. This year I’m writing to you on behalf of the boys who are still a bit young to craft their own letter to you.

Ryan and Roy are both crazy about Thomas the Train Engines and could certainly do with a movable play table . It will certainly give them the space  for them to set up their tracks like the Island of Sodor. Having a  movable platform that would could ascend and descend into the ceiling with a flick of a switch.  There are many benefits for the boys and me with this special set up.

  1. They get to play with all the favourite trains together and there will be sufficient storage for all.
  2. It beats having to set up and clear their trains and tracks on a daily basis. With a flick of the switch their Island disappears and the room remains neat!!
  3. It would make a great centerpiece in our hall and keep the kids occupied when I am cooking dinner or busy with work.

If that is not possible or beyond your budget due to the current economic crisis tickets to Thomasland would be handy too.

Lots of love,

Mummy Dominique

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