Weekend Linky – Attitude of Gratitude

This week I am very honored to receive this award – Attitude of Gratitude from Denise of WAHM-Articles

Denise has helped me a lot in getting me interested in article writing and introducing me to many wonderful people in the blog sphere.

When I began blogging on my own domain in 2008 I was rather new to community building and establishing my online presence. Denise was one of the person that I was following to learn how to network and increase traffic to my site.

I won many great prizes from posting at her forums and taking part in her competitions at WAHM-Articles. I learned about e-book marketing through participating in her “Saving Christmas E-book”.

I have yet to really “explode ” myself online through the launch of my own e-book and really hope to be able to do it by December this year.

I’m still learning as I go along in the blogsphere and have a lot to learn about the in and out of blogging. It is not as easy as it seems and there is still a long path for me to go one to become a successful blogger.