Weekend Linky Love- Technorati Love

My techorati ranking has increased steadily since I joined the technorati group on Mom Blogger Club.  It is not standing at  74,625 at last check . By pinging your post to technorati and other social media sites it increases the chance of your articles being read by others. It also creates more awareness of your site.

Technorati Swag
Image by Nikita Kashner via Flickr

For those of you who do not know what Technorati is it is an internet search directory for blogs.

The  directory houses  all the top blogs in the various categories. Having your blog listed within the top 100,000 for your category does help improve on the traffic to your site.

On your listed page it will show a thumbnail of your site together with the number of authority links to it. All links from other sites will be listed as “reactions”.

Your ranking rises with more “reactions” and “faves” from fans of your page. It is similar to facebook fan page which I have .

[ I will be touching on this topic and other topics related to blogging at my new site Savy Hip Parentpreneur – tenatitively launching it on the 15th August next mth. ]

For this blog I have listed it under the tags, personal experience, boys, e-learning, parenting tips and mom to toddlers.

Are you on Technorati?