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Practicing Kana
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This weekend I am happy to announce that  I have finally started formal  Japanese lessons with Ryan. I had been planning it since the start of the year and was putting it off as I did not have the time to prepare the materials for it.

I  realised that it would take forever to get fully prepared and I should start with whatever resources I had at hand.  With links to some upbeat youtube videos we started with singing songs of  counting 1-20.

We will be progressing to writing in Hiragana in his next weekly lesson. He has already been taught the pronunciations in Hiragana since he was 2yrs old.(Am starting this with Roy at the moment)
Ryan enjoyed listening and singing along with the song. It is great that he has such a positive attitude towards learning this 4th language which I am introducing him.

What languages have you introduced to your kids?

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