TT- Setting up a new family schedule

During the past week R and I have been deciding on how to spend better quality time together as a family. Since the both of us are working we only have limited time with the boys at night.

While planning out the activities which we would like to do together with the boys as a family and with each one individually.Ā  After much deliberation we came up with the timetable shown above. We decided to list down the activities that we wish to conduct each night.

The requirements which I had for the planned activities were

  1. One activity to be done as a family
  2. One activity to be done either as a mother/son or father/son pair. If I was busy coaching Ryan in his piano practice R would be occupying Roy with Japanese flashcards /storybook reading or PC time.

What activities do you schedule to do with your kids during weeknights?

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