TT- The Laundry

5 loads of laundry- checked!!

This week I had to cope with extra loads of laundry which kept piling up due to last week’s vacation to the Phillipines.  When one bring the kids for a holiday so many extra pieces of clothing needs to be packed along. It is also extremely hard to judge the number of pieces to bring along for each kid. I thought a set for each day would be sufficient but apparently it wasn’t enough as they ran out of clothes to wear.

We didn’t manage to wash the clothes during our trip as it was raining most of the time in the wee hours of the morning and it took an extremely long time drying clothes indoors. In the end we had to purchase a new clothes for the boys when they ran out of clean clothes to wear.

Children’s clothes were plentiful and moderately priced in Cebu. There is a wide selection even for boys. However for adults most of the designs were quite dated and not really to my fancy. The boys love their new  clothes and proudly showed them off to everyone.

The next time we go on vacation I’ll make sure to check in advance the laundry facilities at the spot we are visiting.