Writer’s Workshop: Getting Back on Schedule

An ice bucket

An ice bucket

It’s back to school this week. The kids enter their 3rd term of the school year  and it’s going to be a more busy term as the supplementary classes in school starts.  The alarm clocks have to be set and school bags have to be packed. I’m glad that the kids are back in school as it gives me time to catch up with the backlog of work which I had accumulated due to the holidays.

Here are some tips on how I get the kids back on (school) schedule.

1) We still keep part of the daily schedule even on holiday. 

I don’t believe that the sequence that we have been following through during school term should be tossed out of the window once the holidays arrive.  The daily schedule however would be trimmed or adjusted to add in more fun and outdoor activities.

2) Finish all holiday homework before leaving on vacations.

This June holiday we brought the kids overseas. I insisted that all holiday homework which they had to get done be completed within the first week of holidays before we were off to enjoy ourselves. The kids too were to write journals on the places which they visited during their overseas trips.

3) Slowly ease the kids back into the study routine.

To get the kids back into the studying mode we started doing academic revision during the 4th week of the school holidays. It was time to get back to the books and revise/recall what they had learned the previous term. I also removed all their late night privileges and they were made to go to bed based on their regular school night timing. This gave their bodies enough time to get back to sleeping earlier and waking up early.

How do you ease your kids back into their school routine?


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