Motivating Kids in the Classroom


Since returning to the classroom I have met a wide variety of kids from various social and economic background. There are 42 students in my form class ( a big class with lots of kids to handle). Each one of them has their own unique character and quirks. Every single day handling their misbehaviour and challenges is really very exhausting. It is really a challenge to be able to give adequate attention to each and every student PLUS complete the syllabus within the given 10 weeks time frame per term.

What I observe these few months is a lot of the kids in my class lack motivation. I have tried out a few techniques and am fine tuning the ones that work in my class.

Here is a list of what  I have implemented to motivate them.

  1. Ice-Cream Groups
    (Fostering team spirit)Every kid has a soft spot for ice-cream. Naming the group by the yummy flavours – Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango etc  is more refreshing then referring to the normal colour groups.An additional bonus is that the groups can accumulate stars for good behaviour, positive work attitude etc. Groups with the most number of stars will be treated to a pint or two of Ben & Jerry ice- cream at the end of the semester. [This is something that the kids are eagerly anticipating]
  2. Red Rewards System ( individually tailored)
    To motivate my classroom kids to aim for academic excellence. I have set aside these  prizes for the following kids.

    Position Prizes
    1st in both English & Science Up to $30
    2nd in English Up to $20
    2nd in Science Up to $10
    Most improved student Up to $10

    The prizes purchased for the winners will be based on his/her preference after results are released at the end of the semester. This is to give the kid a say in deciding the prize that he would like to receive.


How are your children’s teachers motivating them in the classroom?


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