Introducting Photography to kids -Digital Storage

This will be the last installment on the series Introducing Photography to kids. If you would have any questions or am looking for photography related activities for your kids do head over to the photography group in our forums.

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Storage is a main issue when one is into photography. Each  photo can be the size of a few megabytes and if you are taking short video segments with your camera you will find that

before you realise it your 2MB memory card is full.

I try to take pictures of my boys as and when the opportunity arises. Just looking back at the thousands of photos taken these past few years I shudder when I think of the possibility of these memories vaporizing into cyberspace if one fine day my PC decided to die on me.

There are both online and offline storage mediums which can be used.

Offline Mediums

  • External Hard drives.  Last weekend while shopping for a new bag for my laptop I saw that external hard drives now come in  1 TB. (Terabyte ) which is the largest size I have seen so far.

Online Mediums
(Which I have personally tried and enjoyed using_

  • Flickr
    This is a very popular online photo album. It has these features:allows one to upload pictures via the Flickr Uploadr, iPhoto, Aperture, or Windows XP plugins, Flickr upload web page,via email or various free third-party desktop programs
  • Shutterfly
    It has free (unlimited) storage , allows you to create your own website to share your phoots and make your photos in photobooks, cds and other print media.

Besides these two mentioned online photo sharing/storage sites there are countless others which I have not feature here.

How do you store your photos?