How I outsmart my Mommy

This week I am tooting about my 19mth old. I’m amazed by the antics he can come out with just to get around the house rules that I set.

#1- Do not come into the kitchen while I am cooking

What he does ( and I swear he must have learned it from his older brother as Ryan did the same thing before). He doesn’t walk in he backs in… turns around crawls or walks backwards into the kitchen.

#2- Finish your food before you can go and play.

“Mommy come!!” he will yell. As I approach him he will take his spoon and shove the remainder of his bowl of food into my mouth.

” Finish! No more!”  he will announce. Roy would be  happily showing  me the empty bowl while grinning away. [Mission accomplished!!]

#3 No helping yourself to the food in the refrigerator without permission.

” Mommy ,carry  please” he will ask politely. When he is carried he would hold my hand on the fridge and make me open it for him. Next he would guide my hand and make me pick out the item that he desire to eat.

Rationale: I can’t touch the chocolate but mummy can. I’m not taking it out of the fridge, mummy is 🙂

#4 Do not bring your toys outside the house.

” Roy leave you teddy bear at home, do not bring it out with you as you may lose it while we are out shopping.” I tell him nicely.

He goes to his room and brings out the biggest teddy bear he can find. ” Mummy carry.. big bear bear” he says as he stuffs the teddy bear into my arms.

Picking up his teddy bear he  points at the teddy bear in my arms and says ” Big bear bear… small bear bear..go”

Rationale: I know that i can’t bring the bear out but if mummy is bringing her bear out it should be okay right? I’m just following what she is doing.

*Roll eyes and end up tongue-tied on how to combat his counter measures.

Anyone want to share what their kids do to get around the house rules?

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