Mommy am I fashionable?

My 16mth old just caught a new bug from his brother- The Fashion bug. Never in my wildest imagination would I think that at this age a toddler could be so assertive about the clothes he wears.

If he doesn’t fancy the clothes that I have laid out for him he would ransack his clothes drawer and pull out the piece that he would like to wear. Carry it over to me and insist that I change his clothes for him. If I refuse he will throw a tantrum flinging himself to the ground kicking and wailing. Talk about acting like a Diva!!!

After being dressed in his selected outfit he will be happily doing his catwalk in front of me expecting me to praise him for looking outstanding and handsome.

“Whao..what a handsome baby” will send him grinning cheek to cheek and sometimes he burst out laughing happily.

Hmmf… baby don’t you know your daily fashion parades is giving mummy lots of extra laundry to do??