Filled up with some Mommy thoughts

Photo stream by inassible_70

“Mmmm…what should I be doing?” I guess that  that train of thought must have been going through the mind of this cute little baby. Sometimes as parents all we want to is just chill out and let the problems around us solve themselves.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I think it has to do with turning thirty and reflecting as how my role as Mommy has affected me.  Truthfully speaking I feel extremely exhausted at times.

It is not easy have 101 things to do and sticking to a schedule while being constantly interrupted by the kids meddling about, messing up the house etc.  I seriously feel that I need to put my lifestyle under the microscope and weed out all the energy sapping task one by one. I feel that  I have been too caught up in trying to play the role of Super mummy that I really feel like kicking myself when I am unable to get all the tasks that I hope to achieve by the weekend done.  A lot of the time it is because I have been too preoccupied with playing judge and jury with the kids or going through the mundane daily chores that have to be complete irregardless of the time of the day.

I have been doing quite a bit of blog surfing last week and came across the use of  making online lists to tick off in bid to improve on my productivity. Need for Milk is an interesting FREE site that one can make different lists and prioritize what needs to be done based on urgency. I am definitely going to make full use of this site to get all the things that I want done for my boys and with my boys done monthly. No more stalling and procastinating.

1st thing on my list is to cut off all the time wasters and be more focuses on completing individual tasks at hand. I realised that by multitasking too much nothing is done up to mark and within the given time frame that I give myself.

Do you also feel that it is time for some change in your life?