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Fixing Puzzles on a Monday

Tiger girl fixing a puzzle

Tiger girl fixing a puzzle

Tiger girl is really into puzzles these few days. She loves fixing the 3-6 piece pre-loved puzzles that I received from a friend a few weeks ago. Initially she took a while and lots of guidance to fix each small puzzle. Now she is able to fix all of the puzzles without assistant.

Looking at her gleeful smile when she completed a puzzle reminds me of the power of determination. With determination and diligence Tiger girl mastered the skills needed to fix a puzzle. It was a challenge which she manage to overcome and she was celebrating in the success of the accomplishment.  We applauded her success and encourage her along to try more difficult and complicated puzzles that were in that set.

Among the set of puzzles that she has some had missing pieces and she started to get frustrated when she realised that she couldn’t complete those puzzles. I had to explain to her that it doesn’t matter. Those puzzles cannot be fixed/completed as there were missing pieces. She can work on the completed puzzles instead.

Like our own lives there are many different pieces which make up our own puzzle of life. Some pieces may fit in perfectly while others drop off and leave gaps in the structure.  We may  constantly find other pieces to plug up the holes or be contented with the puzzle as it is.

For me if the piece doesn’t fit I rather have it discarded and leave a gap there. No point hanging on to the rough edges and hoping that a square peg will fit through a round hole.  I will be teaching her  and her brothers to hang on to the things that fit and would complete her life while to discard the items that do otherwise.

What would you do?

Fix the puzzle or leave it as it is?


This week I am sharing one of the lovely tunes sung by the Taiwanese singer Show Luo.


Sweet Motivational Treats on a Monday

Hi Tea Set at TCC

Hi Tea Set at TCC

Tasty foods and sweet treats have always a motivator for me. I look forward towards the weekend when I can eat out and try various different foods at recommended cafes and joints.  During one of the weekends out with R we went on a tea date at TCC while the kids were all over their grannies for the afternoon.

Having time to  spent with him without the kids is something which I really look forward to. Time spent as a couple is time which I really treasure. It’s really difficult to get time away from the kids without  and with R traveling for work so often it’s extremely difficult to schedule couple time. Time is really very precious for me.

Besides having the kids as my motivators, one of my motivators is counting down the days till I meet up with R again.
Absence does make the heart fonder and it works as a push to get me working hard to achieving my goals.

Does the potential to spend  time together with your love one motivate you? Photobucket

 This week I am sharing this classic tune by Earth Wind and Fire.