Monday Music Moves Me

Sibling Love on a Monday

The boys

The boys

Having siblings can be lots of fun. Lots of sibling love and care. There is always someone around who can play with you and act silly with.  The boys love  to be together with each other and can be heard laughing in glee while playing with each other. No doubt  they do have the moments of  disagreement  which end up in shoves and screams but most of the time it is still bearable having siblings.

Doggie boy and Tiger girl

Doggie boy and Tiger girl

The dynamics between boy-boy and boy-girl siblings really differ a lot.  Doggie boy and Monkey boy are not so pally with their little sister.  Maybe  it’s the age difference and the fact that she is at the age where she is not really into sharing as yet. However they do share the same love for food.

Tiger girl relates better to  Monkey boy then Doggie boy as he is more gentle and patient with her. He is also more accommodating as compared to his younger brother.   She knows which brother to look for if she wants to play and looks out for both her brothers.

How is the relationship between your kids?

One of the songs from the latest album Opus 12 by Jay Chou-“Hong Chen Ke Zhan”

Talking about Love on a Monday


February is the month of love. This week I will be experiencing  many different types of love through the celebration of relationships and family ties during the Lunar New Year and Valentines Day. It is also the start of lent as Ash Wednesday falls on Wednesday this week and time to go on my yearly Lentern journey.

Love is something which is really very complicated. It affects one on many different  degrees. There are many forms of love~ romantic love, brotherly love, self love and love for GOD.

This year my aim for Lent is to deepen my Spiritual love of GOD during this 40 days I will be doing more reflection on the scripture readings and learning more about his selfless love for mankind. We will start our weekly family night prayer session where we read and pray together as a family.

Though our love for GOD we will be able to gather strength that we need to see us through the obstacles that we face in life. We will also be able to understand and show our love to those that really matter to us.

What type of love are your focusing on?

These week’s music theme is on love and I’m sharing you a tune by the talent Taiwanese singer. Rachel Liang